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World Championships Final Team List & Draft Times

World Championships Final Team List & Draft Times

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Location Change:
Due to new restrictions, management and rules at Cowboy stadium, Media night will no longer be held at the stadium. We pride ourselves in being able to provide a marquee experience for our players for our larger events & these restrictions would not allowed us to hold any competitions on the game field, have readily accessible food and beverages, nor the access for players to buy flags or apparel.

New Captains Meeting location:
The captains meeting will now be held directly at the fields at Harold Patterson Sports Complex where the tournament will be played! We will have a custom activation from Game On Dallas, that will feature a very unique punt/pass/kick competition that will feature various prizes from our partners are Wilson Football, Addix and Everything Flag Football. FFWCT will have a giant 40×80 Tent that we will be conducting the draft, media night and team photos inside!

We now have a full team list and draft order for this year’s adult Battle World Championships including each teams total points and their draft seed which they will draft in reverse order of, and you can find out more about how the draft works below! REMEMBER all players are expected to arrive by Thursday, May 23rd with enough time to attend the 5pm draft meeting if possible.  ALL ADULT FORMATS will start on Friday, no exceptions.

Make sure you are at your draft by the time assigned to not miss your spot or you’ll be automatically seeded! We will have 2 drafts going on simultaneously, a BLUE draft and RED draft per the colors below so you can make sure you’re in the right place!


One of the unique features about playing in an FFWCT National or World Championships is our pool play draft for selecting seeding. All teams with 5 or more teams in their division will battle to select their placement on the schedule, where you’ll have a say in who you play, what time and on what field. Captains will select which seed they want on the schedule in reverse order of their Battle™ Points ranking, and you can take any spot on the board, bumping out another team if desired, who would be forced to take an open spot. Full rankings have been updated with bonus points from registration order.


  1. Lowest seeded team drafts first by selecting which placeholder team on the schedule they’d like to replace and places their name on the board by that number.
  2. Second lowest seed goes next, and can select any placeholder team to replace, including the team that is already taken. If they select a team that had previously been selected, the previous team would be “bumped out” and forced to select an open spot on the board, and cannot “bump” again.
  3. The draft proceeds this way until the last team, who is the first seed, drafts their position on the schedule.
  4. Only exception is the top 3 seeds are protected and can “bump” again if they get pushed out. So if the #1 seed “bumps” out the #3 seed, the #3 seed can then “bump” another team so that they don’t get stuck with the only spot on the board which is probably the worst. He may not bump out the #2 seed however, only a lower seed.
  5. Once the last team drafts and board is set, schedules will be updated and finalized in RoomRoster and good to go.


5v5 Non-Contact Women’s PRO 6:00
5v5 Non-Contact Men’s REC 6:15
5v5 Non-Contact Men’s COMP 6:30
5v5 Non-Contact Men’s PRO 6:45
4v4 Men’s PRO 7:15
4v4 Men’s COMP 7:30
4v4 Men’s REC 7:45
8v8 Contact Men’s COMP/REC 6:00
8v8 Contact Men’s PRO 6:15
5v5 Contact Men’s COMP 6:30
8v8 Coed PRO 6:45
5V5 Non-Contact Coed PRO 7:00
7v7 Screen Women’s  7:15
7v7 Screen Men’s PRO 7:30
7v7 Screen Men’s COMP 7:45


CLICK HERE for Draft Order & Final Team List

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