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Twenty-Three of the Funniest Flag Football Team Names

The best flag football team names.

Training helps. But so does a creative team name.
Twenty-Three of the Funniest Flag Football Team Names

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What's This?

This is a list of names we’ve compiled not only from teams that exist but also teams that are made up but we still thought they were friggin hilarious so they made the list. Anyways, here you are. Have a laugh, and maybe be inspired. Party on Wayne.


  1. Bilbo Flaggins
  2. Multiple Scorgasms
  3. Wambamthankyou Man
  4. Tittsburg Feelers
  5. The Reach Around
  6. Sofa King Good
  7. Deez Ballz
  8. Show Us Your TD’s
  9. Balls & Dolls (coed)
  10. Scared Hitless
  11. Double Dippers
  12. Victorious Secret
  13. All Nguyens No Losses
  14. The Abusement Park
  15. Kiss My End Zone
  16. Balls Deep
  17. No Punt Intended
  18. Vicious and Delicious
  19. Double Fisters
  20. Team Ramrod
  21. City Flickers
  22. God Loves Flags
  23. White Men CAN Jump

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